Noble Houses of Resnitsy

For the past six hundred years, the Seven Noble Houses have ruled over Resnitsy, sometimes well, sometimes cruelly, but always with an iron grip. More than their vast resources or seemingly limitless reserves of manpower, the rule of the Houses is predicated on their control over the reality of Resnitsy itself. Made up of the most powerful magic users in the land, the Houses have been able to to expand their rule, while maintaining a loose solidarity that has preserved their rule over the countless peoples of the land.

Despite their name, the Seven Noble Houses are not noble lineages per se, but rather secret societies constructed around magic. Each house focuses on a specific school of magic, and promotes members from within based on its own idiosyncratic. Because magic potential is rarely transmitted from parent to child, the Houses sustain themselves by conducting searches every three years; children over the age of six who are deemed "worthy" are inducted into one of the houses, adopted by a lower-ranking member of the House. As a member ascends the ranks of


Chamber of Worthies






Von Strogon


Noble Houses of Resnitsy

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