Empire of Resnitsy


The Empire of Resnitsy should, by rights, be the center of power for the entire world. Stretching from mountains to oceans, from plains to glaciers, over 50,000,000 people call Resnitsy home, making it one of the largest known states both by size and population. Its magic and art are legendary, and tales of Resnitsian military victories against overwhelming odds are famous throughout the world.

However, for the past forty years, Resnisty has a land continually perched on the edge of collapse. The fifty million inhabitants of the land share no uniting creed, identity, or even language. Until recently, they were brought together by being sufficiently awed and/or cowed to accept the rule of the mages. The repeated inability of Resnitsy to conquer the comparatively puny Barca effectively ended the aura of invincibility that had surrounded the mages. Attempts by the <meta>Tserenchiiv house to improve the morale of the population by vicious repression inexplicably backfired. The government is a patchwork of conflicting and overlapping jurisdictions, rights, duties, and privileges for the countless tribes, secret societies, guilds, and petty fiefdoms that the Resnitsian government had ceded governance to over the years. Efforts at the systematization of governance have been repeatedly stymied by factions jealously guarding their power. Meanwhile, the powers of the region eye Resnitsy hungrily, ready to snatch as much of its territory as possible, should the opportunity arise.


The earliest evidence of the Reseniy people extends back well before the advent of written history. Scholarly consensus puts the earliest evidence of a Reseniy inhabitation of the region at around 1200 B.E. with the creation of crude petroglyphs and funerary stones clearly modeled on Resenian warriors. Scholars speculate that




Empire of Resnitsy

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